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Buying a Home With Credit Concerns

Featuring: Albie Anderman!

The TruView Lending team presents ‘Buying A Home with Credit Concerns’ Webinar. We will be going over common credit concerns and how your credit will affect your journey of homeownership. We will have our in-house credit expert and other proud partners to answer common questions during the webinar and also privately to answer any questions you may have for your particular situation. During the webinar you can also expect:

  • -    Questions on whether or not you can purchase a home with poor credit
    -    How good does your credit have to be to purchase
    -    How long it takes to fix your credit
    -    Cost options for credit repair
    -    How we can help you build your credit
    -    What else is needed besides credit to purchase


Scroll down to schedule a time that works best for you and we'll see you there!

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