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Manny Caballero

Loan Officer


NMLS# 147879

Life is like soccer, you need Goals! I am Coach Manny, I am a loan officer with TruView Lending and proud to be part of the Next Door program.   I grew up in N Claremont, California, a city between Pacific Beach and La Jolla.   I now call Arizona home since 1993. I am a high school soccer coach who along the way earned a US Soccer National C Coaching License. 


I am married and a proud father of four children.  Two are finishing up their collegiate soccer careers in 2024 and 2025.  The third child is going to start her collegiate soccer career in 2025.  The fourth child looks like it will follow the same path and will start the collegiate soccer career in 2027.


I have over 24 years of real estate experience and enjoy working hard coaching the lending process and every step to achieve your goals together. We are motivated to win through development by staying up-to-date on the complexities of the mortgage lending, technology and real estate market. 


My hard work, dedication, and experience will provide a lending experience that is second to none but I want to acknowledge the other members of our team you may not see.  We are like a rock band.  Each member plays a unique part.  We can create harmony that will achieve your real estate lending goals and exceeding expectations. 


Licensed States:


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