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Michelle Collins

Director of Sales & Loan Originator

Hello, I'm Michelle Collins, and I bring a wealth of experience and passion to the mortgage industry, spanning over 25 years since my start in 1995. During this extensive journey, I've spent 15 years in leadership roles, cultivating a diverse skill set in mortgage banking.


My career has been a fulfilling blend of business-to-business mortgage sales and direct consumer interactions, showcasing my versatility and adaptability in the mortgage landscape. Nothing is more gratifying than assisting individuals in achieving the dream of home ownership; it's an honor that fuels my dedication.


I've always been one to embrace challenges and seek personal growth, pushing myself to reach new heights both professionally and personally. Over the years, I've successfully nurtured talent and shaped organizational cultures, a testament to my commitment to fostering growth within teams.


My engagement in the Arizona Mortgage Lenders Association (AMLA) as a board member and a graduate of the AMLA Future Leaders Program reflects my dedication to industry excellence and active involvement in the community I call home - Arizona.


When I'm not immersed in the mortgage world, I take delight in being an Arizona native, a proud wife, devoted mother, and an affectionate dog mom. Fitness in its varied forms, engrossing novels, lively game nights with friends and family, and exploring new places and cultures all form an integral part of my diverse interests and passions.


Above all, my ultimate goal is to connect with others and extend a helping hand in their journey to success. Through sharing experiences and knowledge, I aim to be a positive influence in both personal and professional spheres.


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