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Ricardo Manzo

Senior Loan Officer


NMLS# 529033

Hello, my name is Ricardo de Manzo i Flores, and I am a Senior Loan Officer. I have been in the mortgage industry since 2003. I love helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. It's truly a rewarding experience to be agent of change for others and help them reach their goals. I am a natural leader and command attention when I enter a room. People tend to gravitate towards me because of my integrity, confidence, and ability to create authentic connections quickly. This comes in handy when working with clients or networking with colleagues. On the other hand, being forthright, honest, and creative is what has helped me be successful as a Loan Officer for so many years. Knowledge is power but without vision and proficient action, it is useless. So, you can count on me for straightforward advice and insightful solutions, and you'll always feel like you're my top priority. I was born and raised in Pullman, WA. For fun, I enjoy producing music, DJing, reading, traveling the world and working on my mental peak performance, personal training and image consulting business. I look forward to serving those that serve us… and helping you, achieve the American dream of homeownership! Let’s chat soon!


Licensed States:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington.

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